Thursday, June 7, 2012

Superhero Athletes #4

Platypunk (Villain/Superhero)

9 to 5 Name & Occupation: Tim Cahill, Attacking Midfielder, Everton/Australian National Team

Citizenship: Australia, Samoa, UK, Ireland

Powers: Platypunk is exceptionally quick and stealthy. He is very rarely seen when committing his crimes. He developed a device similar to the platypus’ "electrolocation", that allows him to see in complete darkness. Also, similar to a male platypus’ poisoned ankle spur, Platypunk throws poisonous spurs at his pursuers (or sometimes those he just doesn’t particularly care for…for instance, someone who doesn’t say ‘thank you’ when he holds the door open for them) causing temporary paralysis.  He will on occasion join up with heroes on a special mission, if the price is right.

Weaknesses: Platypunk is small and not particularly strong. In the rare occasions he is captured, he doesn't have many "close proximity" defenses. The day time or well lit rooms – Platypunk relies on his stealthiness and this trait greatly diminishes in visible light.

History: Tim Cahill grew up struggling with his identity. He was born in Australia to a Samoan mother and an English father of Irish descent. As a very talented soccer player, he represented Samoa in U17 international play. Because he represented Samoa as a youth, FIFA restricted Tim from representing Australia and then also the Republic of Ireland for the 2002 World Cup. These decisions put Cahill in a very dark place, and he retreated to a secluded cabin in Tasmania, Australia. Here, he recognized that a local creature the platypus, a semi-aquatic monotreme mammal, also appeared to have some identity issues (beaver-like, duck-like, and reptile-like). However, the platypus appeared to be a very successful predator without any noticeable competition. Tim mimicked these successful traits and began his metamorphosis into the vigilante Platypunk. Shortly after his transformation, FIFA (not so surprisingly) changed its eligibility rules allowing players to switch international allegiance. 

Targets: All Major International Corporations (including FIFA, Interpol, and major banks)- Platypunk isn't your typical "evil" villain, his heart is often in the right place he just takes an overly dramatic approach to what he calls "justice".

Rare footage of Platypunk fleeing the scene of
a crime.

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