Friday, September 3, 2010

11 Best Names for Mixed Drinks

I was researching some mixed drinks that I could possibly make at home and naturally got distracted by some of the names. From the names I came across these were my eleven favorite...and I probably can't afford any of them at a bar if they know what I am talking about.

11.Pink Elephants on Parade 2 oz Vodka 4 oz Pink lemonade 2 tblsp Sugar 0.5 oz Midori melon liqueur Mix, drink fast, shudder
The name is completely ludicrous, which is why it’s sooo awesome. Not too mention, the ingredients include: “drink fast” and “shudder.”

10. Iceberg in Radioactive Water 3 oz Midori melon liqueur 1 oz Malibu rum 1 oz Banana liqueur 6-8 oz Pineapple juice 1 scoop Vanilla ice-creamPlace all drinks into glass and add ice-cream at the end.
The Titanic accident never would have happened because everyone knows you can pass right through an iceberg in radioactive water. However, once passed through you get the "Jimmy Legs" the remainder of your life. Which pretty much means you have to make your bed every morning, so it's debatable which iceberg is actually worse to run into.

9. Miner's Lung 3 shots Vodka Fill with Guinness stout. Place three shots of Vodka into a pint size beer glass, and fill the rest of the glass with GuinessThe name sounds painful and the ingredients sound like your drinking glass. I figure I'll have to try it. If your Gonna be a Bear be a Grizzly!!

8. Caribbean Boilermaker 1 bottle Corona 1 shot Light rum. Pour the Corona into an 18oz beer glass pour the rum into the beer.
You have the Caribbean: beautiful, refreshing, clear. Then you have Boilermaker: sore-eyed, sweaty, and mucky. So my guess is that this drink tastes good and refreshing, but leaves you sick and grimy for days.

7. Smeraldo 3/10 oz dry Gin 3/10 oz tropical Fruit juice 2/10 oz Blue Curacao 1/10 oz Cointreau 1/10 oz Peach nectarPut all in a Shacker with Ice, shake it for a while and serve in a cold Cocktail glass
"Threve, the combination of three and five" Smeraldo, the combination of Geraldo (as in Geraldo Rivera) and Smeagol (as in pre - crazy gollum). It has to be good!

6. Wild Squirrel Sex 1 shot Stoli Lemon vodka 1 shot Stoli Strawberry vodka 1 shot Stoli Orange vodka 1 shot Stoli Raspberry vodka 1 shot Amaretto. Fill 1/2 Sour mix Fill 1/2 Cranberry juice Top with Grenadine. Fill 160z. cup with ice. Add shots, sour mix, and cranberry juice. Top with splash of greandine.
Just a great name, and I can kind of imagine this drink tasting like how wild squirrel sex looks. Painful with a hint of Is It Done Yet?

5. Electric Watermelon 1 part Vodka (Sterling) 1 part Light rum (Bacardi) 1 part Midori melon liqueur 2 splashes Triple sec Fill with Sweet and sour 1 splash Grenadine 1 splash 7-Up Add equal Parts Vodka, Rum, and Melon in a tall cocktail glass with ice. Add a couple of splashes of triple sec (orange Liquor). Fill to the top with sweet and sour. Add a splash of 7 up and grenadine.
Imagine if you swallowed an Electric Watermelon seed! I imagine that's what killed the dinosaurs.

4. Mexican Hillbilly 16 oz Corona 1 shot Jack Daniels Pour mug of Corona then drop in shot of Jack Daniels.
A basic drink to represent one of the most magnificent of human beings. To tell you the truth I'm not sure what a Mexican Hillbilly is, but I'd like to think they host gator vs. chupacabra caged fights.

3. Pajama Jackhammer 3 oz pineapple Guava juice 1 oz Vodka (Absolut) 1 oz Blue Curacao 1 oz Peach schnapps Mix all ingredients and serve with shaved ice.
The Pajama Jackhammer has to be some sort of sex position only few people know about. A great name for a drink that actually looks delectable... I would try it if I wasn't the manly, bearded, Piss my name in the snow man that I am.

2.Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster 35 cl Tia maria 35 cl Vodka 17.5 cl Cherry brandy 1 dash Lime juice 1/2 glass 7-Up 1/2 glass dry Cider About 4 Ice cubesTake a pintglass (= approx. 0.5 litres) Put the Tia Maria, the vodka and the cherry brandy together. Add a dash of lime juice. Fill the rest of the glass up with (50% - 50%) with dry cider and 7 -up Add ice cubes.
I'm not sure if a "Gargle Blaster" is a good thing or bad thing, but I want one. It could be a sexual innuendo or it could be just a totally awesome name for a drink/video game/nick name/ spaceship.

1. Muppet:1/2 part Tequila 1/2 part 7-Up. Pour half a glass with Tequila and the other half with 7-up. Palm the top of the glass (so the liquid will not come out) and hit the table so it will stir, and you drink the whole.
I just like picturing myself going to a bartender and asking for a muppet. Also, you stir it by hitting the table??? How cool is that. But why not just slosh it around or stir it with a straw? Maybe hitting the table is a more sophisticated way to stir a sophisticated drink like "The Muppet". Or maybe it's because muppets often have a tough time gripping little straws in their soft little muppet fingers? I don't know, but I have dreamt about being a muppet on various occassions and there are some serious limitations.

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