Monday, May 21, 2012

Superhero Athletes #1

Silverback (Villain)
9 to 5 Name & Occupation: Kevin Youkilis, 1st/3rd Base, Boston Red Sox

Citizenship: USA

Powers: Silverback has superhuman strength and extreme agility for his size. He can withstand great amounts of pain due to tough skin while his suit also provides a protective coat that deflects most sharp objects and bullets from a distance. Most of his power is distributed through his abnormally long arms and huge hands. He is also very intelligent, which allows him to create complex scenarios in which to entrap his counterparts.

Weaknesses: Silverback can be extremely aggressive and territorial. Silverback's aggression often becomes his downfall especially when battling equally or more intelligent heroes. His aggression muddles his thought process making him more vulnerable to falling into traps and being defeated. He cannot go without food for long periods of time, and therefore often brings some snacks along when doing his evil deeds. Tofu-he can't stomach that shit.

History: As a young child and into his teenage years, Kevin was often tormented about his weight by other kids, teammates, and even coaches. He never acted out and wasn't considered a bully, however, these comments continuously built-up inside of him and began to break down his emotional stability. As he exited his adolescence and came into adulthood, he tried numerous diets but nothing seemed to work. Then on an apparently insignificant day, Youkilis walked by a Curves weight loss facility and snapped, believing the sign on the door was mocking his rotund physique. All the repressed memories and comments violently burst out of him, and Silverback was born. He proceeded to destroy the store... and then the surrounding block.

Targets: Weight-loss facilities, Marathoners and Triathletes, Health Food Stores - He's been known to force his victims to eat until their bellies burst.

This photo of Silverback was found in a ransacked Curves
and passed along from a S.H.I.E.L.D informant to a DJ
An amateur representation of Silverback as visioned
by a Mr. S. Cimino

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