Monday, July 12, 2010


I feel my first blog should be entitled "Beer" because I'm thirsty and last night I went on a Bus Brew Tour in Boulder. Minus the hang over, the tour was terrific. Banjo Billie's Bus Tour took us to three breweries (Upslope, Twisted Pine, Avery) over a three hour period. This Sunday evening journey, has heightened my desire to work at a brewery and make my contribution to society. It has also made me deliberate which Colorado microbrewery beers are my favorite, which leads me to my first TOP ELEVEN: Top Eleven Colorado Microbrewery Beers (Until I have tried every single beer this list will always be a working list.)
1. Fat Tire, Amber Ale, New Belgium (Ft. Collins) a classic.
2. Honey Brown Ale, Brown Ale, Twisted Pine (Boulder)
3. Butthead Bock, dopplebock lager, Tommyknocker (Idaho Springs)
4. Levity, Amber Ale, Odell (Ft. Collins)
5. Avalanche, American Amber Ale, Breckenridge (Breckenridge & Denver)
6. Ellie's, Brown Ale, Avery (Boulder)
7. Twisted Stout, Cream Style Stout, Twisted Pine (Boulder)Sweet and roasty.
8. Upslope Pale Ale, Pale Ale, Upslope (Boulder)
9. Singletrack, Copper Ale, Boulder Beer (Boulder)
10. Sawtooth, American-Style ESB, Lefthand (Longmont)
11. Laughing Lab, Scottish Ale, Bristol's (Colorado Springs)


  1. i'm a personal fan of bud light lime...what do you think about that beer? i feel like most guys like it, but won't own up to it. are you one of those?

  2. Well lets see... Bud Light Lime is not a Colorado beer and it's not a micro brew! I refuse to answer you question, Good day!!